Lesvos is a vast
olive grove in itself
with over 11 million
olive trees

The Olive grove of Lesvos
Lesvos is an endless olive tree forest with about eleven million olive trees sprawled in successive olive groves. What is remarkable about the island’s nature is that where the olive trees stop the pine forests start. The predominance of olive tree cultivation in Lesvos was also favoured by the excellent weather conditions with the incredible alternation of the four seasons. The climatic and soil conditions of the region contributed to the adaptability of olive trees producing the local olive varieties of Kolovi, Adramytiani and Ladoelia, with the “kolovi” olives being the most common olive tree variety on the island, amounting to 70% of the island’s olive tree total growing in the southern and eastern regions of Lesvos.
Lesvos offers the most unique experience in autumn, during the olive harvest season. Visit the local cooperatives and watch how the raw material of olives is converted into the most golden olive oil. A true gift of nature to Lesvos. And you mustn’t forget to buy some fresh bread and local oregano to dip into the warm olive oil as it flows out of the press! The purest of tastes, straight from the earth. It’s the “real” gold!
Olive oil
In the 19th Century, during the Industrial Revolution, Mitilini was a prime supplier of top quality olive oil to the European markets. The elegant French women of the upper class enjoyed the pure fragrant soaps from the famous soap industry of the island. Mytilinian industrialists and merchants of olive oil and soap erected their mansions around the cities of Plomari and Molivos. They built their industrial buildings (factories, oil press etc) in a unique architectural style and they contributed to education, arts and to organisation of the society. The contact with Europe brought wealth and bequeathed the island with a staggering cultural influence evident until today. Mitilinian oil is famous and it is considered to be of the best in Greece. It is light, tasty and sophisticated. The oil of Lesvos has repeatedly won awards in international competitions while the facilities for bottling extra virgin olive oil in very attractive packaging with a view to exports have multiplied.
“Must” visits:
Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos, Agia Paraskevi
Vrana Olive Press Museum, Papados Gera

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