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Thermal Hot Springs

“Calm with us!”
For guests seeking a unique experience that will rejuvenate your inner being, you will enjoy taking part in “The Lesvos International Euphoria Festival”.
Lesvos has a special energy and light and light and is blessed with an abundance of natural hot springs known since antiquity with therapeutic properties. A valuable tourist resource for our island, our springs have attracted a steady clientele since the 1960s and a network of wellness services and world-renowned yoga schools. 
Thermal spa springs
Geological changes endowed Lesvos with numerous hot springs, which influenced life on the island. The first settlements in prehistoric times were created near such “miraculous” waters, which provide today’s traveller with a unique therapeutic experience. https://www.lesvosgeopark.gr/warm-fountains/?lang=en
A must!! Don’t miss treating yourself to a visit to the “Hippocrates Thermal Springs Lesvos” of Polichnitos! The thermal springs of Polichnitos are recognized as the warmest and the best in Europe in terms of healing ingredients, in combination with its temperature of (87.6°C) Explore its unique bathing and wellness experiences offered both indoors and outdoors, nestled harmoniously in the natural landscape of the region!

The Gulf of Gera or Korfou Hot Springs are just a few kilometres from Mytilene. In the past, carts and boats used to wait at the calm waters’ jetty and bring over people from the capital for their hot baths. The temperature of the water is 39.7 C and the spring is characterized as rich in sodium chloride. The common bath with its view of the sea, as well as the stone and marble faucets are also impressive.

The Hot Springs of Thermi are not only therapeutic, but they boast a brilliant history. They are worth a visit, even if you are not interested in a therapeutic bath, just so that you can explore the region’s past. The area flourished during the Hellenistic period, and the Romans used the baths in their daily lives. Places like ancient temples, parts of which were used in later constructions, domed buildings, created under the Ottoman rule by pashas who adored Lesvos, Sarlitza Palace Hotel, designed by French architects and the place Venizelos stayed at, all whisper secrets of History! Modern spa facilities housed in a renovated building with individual baths; is located right next to Sarlitza Palace. The water temperature is 49.9 C, and the spring is characterized as a ferrous hot spring.

Lisvori hot springs, hidden inside olive groves, spout up through volcanic conglomerates and volcanic tuffs. The water temperature is 69 C and its chemical components are similar to those of Polichnitos hot springs. There are two swimming pools, one of which has been in use since the time of the Ottoman Empire!

Polichnitos Hot Springs are some of the warmest hot springs in Europe, with temperatures ranging between 62 and 86 C. They are located 1km southeast from the town of Polichnitos and offer two swimming pools and modern facilities. The waters are good for the treatment of rheumatism and arthropathies.

Eftalou hot springs are situated on the northern coast of Lesvos, very close to Mithymna. These springs, well up through andesitic tuffs and conglomerates. The temperature of the water is 46.5  and, the radiation level 14.7 MACHE; this makes Eftalou hot springs the most radioactive springs on Lesvos. The building where the baths are situated was built in the 17th century and with its curved dome and small sky light windows it provides a magical experience. The four baths in the renovated building situated next to this one are a more modern version of a health spa.

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