LGBT Tourism
and the
Women's Festival

Skala Eressos, the birthplace of our ancient female poet Sappho is a wellknown destination for LGBT Tourism since the 90’s. Located on the beautiful southern coast of Lesvos, with one of the most popular sandy beaches lined with an array of traditional tavernas, café bars and hotels, Eressos hosts the International Eressos Women’s Festival – each September during which participants can take place in an array of exceptional activities, workshops & speeches, exhibitions, movie nights, concerts, and more!
The International Eressos Women’s Festival was founded in the year 2000, the brainchild of Sappho Travel with an intent to extend the summer season of Skala Eressos by a further 2 weeks thus bolstering most of the local businesses. Twenty two years later , we will celebrate this year our 20th anniversary as due to Covid we were not able to organize the festival in 2020 and 2021. We never imagined back in the year 2000 how the International Eressos Women’s Festival would evolve into such a major event today, celebrating diversity, love and uniqueness of women everywhere. The aim of the festival, along with the local community is to provide a safe and nurturing space for women from across the world to come to this beautiful village and to enjoy an incredible range of activities, events, trips, shows, concerts, walks, talks and much much more. All with the overarching philosophy of connecting, empowering and respecting ALL women who attend. Just like our attendees, our events are incredibly diverse. From award winning Greek Indie bands to International opera stars and everything in between, our stage is lit for women to take the limelight and shine.
Festival goers may find themselves experiencing one of our many daily activities such as yoga, Greek cookery lessons, kick-boxing, drumming workshop, poetry groups, mindfulness, swimming to the rock, photography workshops, mountain biking, art exhibition, walking trails to discover and delight in the history of Sappho, take a day trip to explore this magnificent Island and her many astounding treasures or simply sit back and enjoy a concert, a day on the beach, a talk, a movie, a show before enjoying some of the finest cuisine Greece has to offer. Many women will find themselves being actively and creatively involved in many aspects of the festival whether that be volunteering, performing, facilitating workshops, exhibiting art, leading walks or forming part of a team in one of the many sporting activities that take place daily.
It is testament to the team and the community that women are prepared to travel from all over the world time and time again to visit this tiny village hidden away in the corner of the Aegean. We also pride ourselves in the number of repeat visitors year after year and the incredible feedback we receive. We continue to strive to make connections worldwide with those communities and like-minded groups who seek to promote the well-being and fight for the equality of women and the LGBTQI community. We believe Sappho would be proud of our achievements and the little village known worldwide as Skala Eressos. We look forward with enthusiasm, hope and courage to the next 20 years.

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