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Did you know Lesvos has an endless coastline of approximately 320 km! So it should come as no surprise you will discover endless unique spots that will always suit your mood: with sand, pebbles or volcanic rock structures; tiny coves or long stretches of endless beach; secluded, tranquil and untouched or organized beaches lined with tavernas, cafés, bars, and lounge chairs. One thing is for sure… the crystal clean seas of Lesvos and amazing sunsets will take your breath away.
Get to know some of our beaches!
Discover the underwater beauty and the endless coastlines of Lesvos scubadiving, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddling or just enjoying a day at the beach snorkeling or doing watersports.
Source: ETAL S.A.
Vatera Beach, spreading out for almost 9 kilometres, is the longest beach on Lesvos! With wonderful deep-blue waters the fine sand, it is truly magical. At the beginning of the villate, it is lined with hotels, tavernas, shops and beach bars, visitors can choose from a wide range of refreshing drinks and amazing food whilst enjoying a superb day at the beach lying under umbrellas on comfy sunbeds, or if they prefer, on the warm sand as nature made it!
In Skala Polichnitou the beach stretches along the foot of the village. It is a shallow beach with warm waters and golden sand.
The village of Skala Eressou includes its namesake beach, one of the best-known beaches of Lesvos, three kilometres long and catering for all tastes. It is sandy with fine grey sand and very calm because it is not exposed to the meltemia, the Aegean northeastern summer winds. It has an organised beach with beach umbrellas and sun beds near the village, and it becomes quieter as you move away from the village. There are tavernas with traditional tapas, charming little coffee shops and bars a stone throw from the shore. Don’t miss its amazing sunsets!
The region of Eftalou is located northeast of Molyvos and consists of many small bays suitable for swimming. Along the way there are hotels and restaurants and at its very end, some 4km from Molyvos, you will find the hotsprings of Eftalou and Eftalou Golden Beach, a pebble beach with crystal clear waters.
Tsonia Beach is near Kleio village as we approach Mantamados. With pristine waters and red sand covering a 500m area, guests can also enjoy traditional greek dishes at the tavernas found there, very popular with the locals as well! And if your lucky, you might even see dolphins in the surrounding area.
The beach of Petra with the golden sand is one of the most beautifully organised beaches of Lesvos. The area has many hotels, rental rooms, restaurants, beach bars and souvenir shops. It offers plenty of entertainment day and night and it is suitable for family holidays. The organised beaches in the charming coves have beach umbrellas and sun beds, beach service and water sports.
Heading northwest from Petra, in three kilometres we find Anaxos, one of the prettiest beaches with very clean waters and a creek on the west side. It is an organised sandy beach with many holiday houses and tavernas. From the beach one can see Molyvos in the distance and enjoy coffee or a drink in one of the many beach bars of the area.
Agios Isidoros Beach and Melinda Beach are located near Plomari, and are famous for its pretty stones and amazing seascapes of the Aegean. Nearby there are restaurants, rental homes and hotels, coffee shops and bars, ideal for rest and entertainment.
Relatively close to Mitilini lie successively the Karpouzi Beach with its namesake canteen, the Beach of Charamida, an organised beach, sandy in most of its length with a scuba diving base, and the beach of Agios Ermogenis, a picturesque cove with the chapel of Agios Ermogenis overlooking from above. The beach is small but exquisite as it is dominated by pine trees that literally reach the shore.
The gulf of Gera is a gulf of immense beauty with lacelike beaches but also small bays, some of them inside the gulf and some on the side kissed by the Aegean Sea. The most beautiful and organised one is Tarti Beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters at the foot of a lush hill. Each summer it is swarmed by tourists who besides everything else, enjoy fresh fish served in abundance at the charming tavernas.
Beaches of the Municipality of West Lesvos
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 RegionName of Beach
PetraPetra (Blue Flag) (Sea Access)
SkoutarosAnaxos Sandy Beach (Blue Flag)
KalloniSkala Kalloni (Blue Flag) (Sea Access)
KalloniThe Karavoulia
KalloniMentousi (Blue Flag)
SkalohoriValoutsas (Between Anaxos and Skalohori)
SkalohoriKalo Limani
Apothika-AgraVathi Kritiri
ParakilaPahia Ammos
Bay of KalloniMirsintziki
EresosSkala Eresos (Blue Flag) (Sea Access)
SigriSigri Beach (Sea Access)
SigriFaneromeni (Small & Big)
AntissaKambos Antissa
AntissaAncient Antissa
AntissaSt. Varvara
PolichnitosVatera Beach (The largest on the island!) (Blue Flag)(Sea Track)
PolichnitosNifida (Blue Flag)
PolichnitosSkala Polichnitos Beach (Blue Flag)
LisvoriSkala Lisvoriou
VasilikaSkala Vasilikon
AhladeriAhladeri (Ancient Pyrra)
Mantamados-Agios StefanosPedi
Mantamados-Agios StefanosPalios
Mantamados-Agios StefanosChrysi Ammos (Golden Beach)
Mantamados-Agios StefanosLagada
Mantamados-Agios StefanosAspropotamos
Mantamados-Agios StefanosKamila
Mantamados-Agios StefanosAgios Stefanos
KapiGeni Limani
Agia ParaskeviThe Kantri (English stairwell)
Agia ParaskeviThe Honi
Molyvos-EftalouCentral Beach of Molyvos (Near Olive Press Hotel and Molyvos I Hotel) (Blue Flag)
Molyvos-EftalouPsiriaria Sandy Beach (Near Delfinia Hotel ) (Sea Access)
Molyvos-EftalouKeramidaria Beach (Near Aphrodite Hotel and Akti Hotel )
Molyvos-EftalouTsipouri Beach (Near Gorgona Hotel, Sunrise Hotel and Vive Mare Hotel )
Molyvos-EftalouEftalou Golden Beach- after the Hotsprings of Eftalou (Blue Flag)
Molyvos-EftalouEftalou Beach (Near Tavern Eftalou)
ArgenosAgios Dimitrios
ArgenosMegala Therma
SkamniaThe Beach of Skala Skamnias
SkamniaKagia (Blue Flag)
Blue Flag Beaches of Mitilini
Agios Isidoros
Kanoni Thermis
Skala Mystegnon
“Sea Access” installation on selected beaches of the Municipality of West Lesvos
In the context of the “Creation of Accessible, Integrated Sea Tourist Destinations for the Service of People with Mobility Impraiments”, the following beaches have been selected for the installation of light, non-permanent infrastructure named “Sea Access”:
Name of Beach
Skala – Eressos
Skala – Kalloni
Psiriara Beach of Molyvos
A “Sea Track” has also been installed on Vatera Beach.
Each infrastructure includes: – Changing rooms – showers for the disabled – Shading areas – Provision of autonomous access for people with mobility problems to the sea – Corridors connecting the above structures, which will facilitate the movement of people in wheelchairs as well as special cameras that see the permitted undulation, so that the marine special seat can be used with absolute safety. The selection of the places was made with criteria such as the existence of physical characteristics that make them accessible to the disabled, the adequate provision of accommodation and catering services they have, the high level of traffic they present and their representative distribution throughout the coastline available for swimming in the Municipality of West Lesvos.
Source: ETAL S.A.

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