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Come Spring, each corner of this magical island is a painting… with fields of red poppies, cobbled streets topped with lilac wisteria, and hillsides decorated with the rare yellow rhododendro. Take a journey through the nature of Lesvos either alone or accompanied by a guide and discover its impressive geological formations, canyons with waterfalls in the rainy season, rare pine trees and orchids, olive groves dating back to antiquity, natural hotsprings and so much more. Especially in Spring, Lesvos is a favorite birdwatching destination, as the salt marshes and many other areas on Lesvos fill up with migratory birds (approximately 325 species!) that visit the island twice a year as they stop here mid journey. Walk in the footsteps of Aristotle at the salt marshes of Kalloni, known as “Aristotle’s Lagoon” because this is where Aristotle and Theophrastus explored and studied the flora and fauna of the region, thus establishing the principles of Biology and the procedure of scientific methodological approach. And for a more spiritual experience, we invite you to come celebrate Easter with us, one of the most beautiful and sacred times of the year here on Lesvos, when our neighborhoods fill with aromas of traditional savory dishes and sweets such as stuffed lamb, “tsourekia” and “koulouria”.When scents of the wisteria flower decorate the cobbled alleys of the traditional “Agora”-marketplace of Molivos like a running purple, lilac and white river floating in the sky exploding your senses- justifiably voted as “one of the most beautiful alleys in the world”. Spring is also when families and friends come together from all over the world to pay their tributes during the holy pilgrimage of the Archangel Taxiarchis in Mandamados.

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