Lesvos has a special energy and light as well as natural hotsprings for people seeking wellbeing getaways

Lesvos has a special energy and light and is blessed with an abundance of natural hot springs known since antiquity with therapeutic properties. A valuable tourist resource for our island, our springs have attracted a steady clientele since the 1960s and a network of wellness services and world-renowned yoga schools. https://www.lesvosgeopark.gr/warm-fountains/?lang=en
Currently the Therma Springs of the Gera Gulf are the only springs open to the public.
The hotprings of Polichnitos, Lisvori and Eftalou are in the process of getting certified by the Ministry of Tourism and hopefully will soon be reopen again for public use.
“Calm with us!”
For guests seeking a unique experience that will rejuvenate your inner being, you will enjoy taking part in “The Lesvos International Euphoria Festival”

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