Lesvos: The Ideal
Wedding Destination

Choose from an endless list of magical locations for your ceremony: Olive groves, Estates, Wineries, under medieval castles, chapels, individual beaches.
Lesvos offers organized services: Wedding & Event Organizers, Photographers, Grooming-Wellness-Massage Services, Florists, Catering Services, Sound, Lighting, Music, Car Rental & even Sailing Tours.
Excellent venues for accommodation and receptions.
With a backdrop of the endless Aegean Sea, or the lush green of ancient olive trees, a historic stone mansion, a small chapel on a rock formation, or a volcanic scenery with 20 billion years of history, Lesvos offers a fascinating collection of landscapes for your wedding photos. A wedding on Lesvos, the third largest island in Greece, is filled with opportunities for exploring and creating magical memories. Unspoilt, naturally luscious and historically rich, Lesvos is the ideal wedding destination for couples seeking to find that one location for their most special day that is unique and not typically seen in every other wedding album. One that brings together the old and the new, elegance and tradition and idyllic sunsets with colourful village scenes. You can expect wedding professionals who will offer you personalized services and the best of Greek hospitality.
You will find amazing settings to choose from; traditional chapels, wineries, olive groves, exquisite hotels and quaint traditional tavernas, old mansions and castles. Even a sun-kissed beach with turquoise water on a remote island. You will discover there are so many activities and attractions to satisfy even the hardest of guests to please. And a number of major cultural events including music, gastronomy, cycling, art and history that will keep everyone entertained. Lesvos has something to offer for every taste and every budget. It is a precious gem carved onto the Aegean map waiting to be found by you. You, who are searching not just for a wedding destination. But a wedding experience that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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