Sailing, Windsurfing, Deep sea diving
Discover the underwater beauty and the endless coastlines of Lesvos scubadiving, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddling or just enjoying a day at the beach snorkeling!

Sailing the Aegean Sea could very well be a dream of yours. So let’s make it happen here in Lesvos. With fair winds to sail any
period of the year, a coastline that offers countless picturesque coves, traditional fishing harbors and safe anchorages, Lesvos
is the ideal place to make this dream come true. While sailing and scuba diving nature helps us explore unspoilt hidden
paradises, come close to sea creatures like dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sea birds… and most of all, “explore ourselves”. You
can do both here in Lesvos, the Other Aegean plus you can do many other sea related activities, like canoeing, water sports,
wind surfing, water skiing, paragliding, kite surfing, kayak to name a few. You can take a boat trip to other villages, you can go
fishing at https://www.lesvosfishingtourism.gr/ and snorkel, you can play with the waves and even do some horse riding on the beach. www.theotheraegean.com

Apart from all available activities on the mainland, Lesvos is also suitable for sea activities. Adventure seekers may explore the vast coastline or the rich seabed surrounding Lesvos via a variety of sea-activities such as diving, sailing, daily boat-excursions and water-sports!
The diving centre, https://lesvoscuba.gr/ which is based on the southeast coast of the island at Charamida beach, provides visitors the opportunity to discover the beauty of the sea bed surrounding Lesvos. Ideal diving sites for experienced and inexperienced divers alike are:
Source: ETAL S.A.
For those of you who love sailing, you can charter sailing yachts, speed boats, with or without a skipper to discover the beauty of Lesvos from a different perspective. Or if you prefer, various excursions are offered with boat trips to various locations around the island with special events included such as BBQs- a great day trip for the whole family! You may even find organized watersport activities at various beaches around the island!
Source: ETAL S.A.

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