Amazing Lesvos...

“Nowhere, in any other part of the world, do the Sun and the Moon reign together so harmoniously, nor do they divide so fairly their power, as they do on this piece of earth.“

This piece of earth, as the Nobel prize winner Elytis wrote, is divine. It is where the sun shines all seasons, making people smile more. It is where the largest Acheulean assemblage was ever found in southeastern Europe and where one can see fossilized tree-trunks formed 20.000.000 ago. This is the birthplace of Biology and the first home of the matured dithyramb. It is where the first novel of the world was written and one of the few islands which are under the UNESCO heritage. Lesvos is where you can find healing waters and gastronomical treasures. Churches, museums, art galleries, monuments, festivals and all year-round events. Inspiration to write a poem or to change your lifestyle. Lesvos has the energy to make you look deep inside and reinvent yourself. This is how incredible this piece of earth is…a mosaic of the Aegean with many hidden secrets that will amaze you over and over again as you uncover them one by one…Lesvos is a truly hidden gem of the Aegean waiting to be discovered… by you. You will “live” every moment to its fullest through genuine experiences, traditional & pure flavors, and the warm hospitality of the locals.

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