“Nowhere, in any other part of the world, do the Sun and the Moon reign together so harmoniously, nor do they divide so fairly their power, as they do on this piece of earth.“

This piece of earth, as the Nobel prize winner Elytis wrote, is divine. It is where the sun shines all seasons, making people smile more. It is where the largest Acheulean assemblage was ever found in southeastern Europe and where one can see fossilized tree-trunks formed 20 million years ago. This is the birthplace of Biology and the first home of the matured dithyramb. It is where the first novel of the world was written and one of the few islands which are under the UNESCO heritage. Lesvos is where you can find healing waters and gastronomical treasures. Churches, museums, art galleries, monuments, festivals and all year-round events. Inspiration to write a poem or to change your lifestyle. Lesvos has the energy to make you look deep inside and reinvent yourself. You will “live” every moment to its fullest through genuine experiences, traditional & pure flavors, and the warm hospitality of the locals. This is how amazing this piece of earth is…

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A “tiny continent”. A mosaic of the Aegean with many hidden secrets that will amaze you over and over again as you uncover them one by one. Lesvos is a truly hidden gem of the Aegean waiting to be discovered by you who seek to experience a truly authentic Greek holiday and the best of Greek hospitality. It is that part of the Aegean where anyone can see beyond the white and blue of Greece.

Lesvos is where you will dive into the golden shades of the most exquisite sunsets and get lost into the deep lilac shades of the most beautiful, cobbled alleys in Europe. This is where you will find magenta rooftops and grey-stoned, historical mansions that have been waiting for your arrival for centuries. Lush pine forests and ancient olive trees longing to offer you shade and company when you want nothing else in the world but to just “be”.

This is where you will discover locals who will become friends and tastes that will create wonderful memories. This is where you will discover your best self. Lesvos, the other Aegean.
The one just for you.

Lesvos Geopark

The Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark, one of the finest and rarest monuments of geological heritage worldwide and 2nd largest in all the world, is a founding member of the Geoparks Network that brings visitors to an ancient forest preserved by a massive volcanic eruption 20 million years ago, known also as the Petrified Forest of Sigri.

Lesvos Geoprak

Lesvos Geopark

Lesvos UNESCO Global Geopark

The Four Seasons

“Loving Lesvos” …all year round!

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Η Πρώτη Ψηφιακή Εφαρμογή για

Ο Φορέας Τουρισμού Μολύβου ανακοινώνει την πρώτη έκδοση της ψηφιακής εφαρμογής για τα μονοπάτια της Λέσβου! Το νησί της Λέσβου είναι ένας ελκυστικός ε..



Για τέταρτη χρονιά φέτος ο Φορέας Τουρισμού Μολύβου διοργανώνει το Διε..


To Lesvos Food Fest ξαναστρών

Το Lesvos Food Fest και ο Φορέας Τουρισμού Μολύβου ξαναστρώνουν το Λεσ..

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The Municipality of West LesvosMayor: Taxiarchis Veros, Deputy Mayor of Tourism: Aphrodite Vati, Deputy Mayor of Culture: Zaharo Ioakeim
The Greek National Tourism Association (EOT)
Τhe Local Development Company of Lesvos, ETAL SA.Director: Tasos Perimenis
Lesvos Chamber of CommercePresident: Evaggelos Myrsinias
Lesvos Hoteliers AssociationPresident: Dimitrios Vatis
Lesvos Travel Agents & Tour Operators' AssociationPresident: Panagiotis Hatzikyriakos
Ephorate of Antiquities of LesvosDirector: Pavlos Triantafyllides
The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified ForestDirector: Nikos Zouros
The Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos
The Palaeolithic Lesbos Project- The University of CreteProfessor in Prehistoric Archaeology: Nena Galanidou
Lesvos Tourist Guide, 2022 - "Ta Nea tis Lesvou"St. Stoikos & Co. Ltd
The Molyvos International Music Festival
Ouzo Museum: The World of Ouzo / Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis S.A.Myrsini Moutzouri
Molyvos Tourism AssociationPresident: Nikos Molvalis
Eresos Tourism AssociationPresident: Panagiotis Mantzoros
President: Nikos Molvalis
Taxi Union of Lesvos
Lesvos Rental Car Union
KTEL - Intercity Buses of Lesvos
Lesvos Rental Rooms Union
George Komvokis Video-Photography
Pavlos Avagiannos DP/ Video Director/ Producer
Nikos Kokkas Photographer
Olga Saliamboukou - Photolgaphy
George Papadopoulos - Photographer-Videographer
Theo Kerstholt Birdwatching Photography
Eleonora Pouwels Pure Photography
George Kontos Photographer
Ignatis Tskinis Photographer-Videographer
Mike Aikaterinis - Content Creator-Digital Market Consultant
Athinologio Kostis Talos, Tinatin Mangasarian, George Talos
Lesvos Scuba Diving Center George Filios
Elaias Nisos Lesvos Fotini Tirpintiri
The Women's Festival Ioanna Savva
Papandreou Alexandros - Chef
Women's Cooperative of Mesotopos
Menta Wedding Planner Gabriela Vati
Vaggelis Sarantides- Musician
Tourist Guides of Lesvos Elsa Egglezopoulou
Kariofyllis Farm, Lepetymnos George Kariofyllis
"Oreias" Mountaineering Association of Lesvos
Hercules Kirlis - Pliroforiki Aegaio
Michael Samiotis K44 Design Studio
Maria Panagou - Foodblogger, Photographer, Foodstylist
George Malakos Alternative Sailing
Rita Mihalaki Ippos Horseback Riding
Andreas Ioakeim, Director and professor of the School of Byzantine Music of the Holy Metropolis Fthiotidos "German the Melody"
Eleni Galinou, Environmental Science (BSc, PhD)
Armand Leroi-Professor στην εταιρεία Imperial College London
Adonis Chiotis
Aphrodite Kamberou
Dolf van der Ley
Irene Lagoutatzi
Ioannis Pitsoulis
Manos Doukakis
Maria Kaplanelli
Myrsini Ioanna Kouloudi
Rallou Kralli
Mike Konstantellis
Stratis Veros
Tania Clinckspoor
Theodore Molyviatis
Theodore Valsamides
Theofilos Mizikas
Robin Sanders
Maria Katsarou
Xenia Maragou
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