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The Pilgrimage to Taxiarchis – 19/5/2024

May 19

The Pilgrimage to Taxiarchis is a significant religious event on the Greek island of Lesbos. Taxiarchis, or the Archangel Michael, is considered the patron saint of the island. 


Thousands of pilgrims from all over Greece and beyond gather to pay homage to the saint, participate in religious ceremonies, and seek blessings. The pilgrimage often involves processions, prayers, and offerings at the monastery of Taxiarchis, which is located near the village of Mantamados on the northern part of the island.


The event is not only religious but also cultural, with traditional music, dance, and food playing a significant role in the festivities. It’s a time for locals to come together, reconnect with their faith, and celebrate their heritage. The pilgrimage to Taxiarchis is a testament to the enduring importance of religion and tradition in Greek society.


Official Website: https://www.taxiarhismantamadou.gr/


May 19
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