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1.1 The Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos aims to promote and develop tourism on Lesvos through its website, «

«» presents online information regarding Lesvos island and intends to become a reference site for the sector, through the provision of useful information to travelers on accommodation, travel, transport enterprises, tour guides, restaurants, bars and cafes, museums and sites of archaeological interest, local producers and excursions so that travelers will discover the best Lesvos has to offer. 

We hope to transform your trip into a lifetime experience. 

1.2 These general terms of use of the web-site «» (hereinafter the “Website”), owned by the company with the company name «PUBLIC ENTITY FOR CULTURE, TOURISM & SPORTS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF WEST LESVOS Νομικό Πρόσωπο Δημοσίου Δικαίου Πολιτισμού, Τουρισμού & Αθλητισμού του Δήμου Δυτικής Λέσβου», registered at Kalloni, Greece (Kalloni, TK 81107 Greece), with VAT number 996960534 (hereinafter «West Lesvos»), any terms of use applicable for a specific part or function of the Website (between West Lesvos and Service Providers, as defined here-in-below and you, the user), the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy (hereinafter the “Terms of Use”), as amended and in force from time to time, are the terms and conditions under which we provide to you, the user, the Website, are in force and applicable from your first visit to the Website and govern your navigation, use and legal relationship with West Lesvos and the promotional services provided through the Website. The Terms of Use are applicable for all the provision of services through the Website to you, the user, as well as for all the services which may be added in the future. Before you continue to navigate the Website, you are kindly requested to carefully read the Terms of Use, which constitute a legally binding agreement between you and West Lesvos. 

By using the Website, its content and the services provided, you, the user of the Website, unconditionally declare and assure that you agree with the content of the Terms of Use and you understand the Terms of Use. In case you disagree with the content of the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, please do not use the Website and the services provided through the Website. 

WEST LESVOS reserves the right to prohibit the use of the Website and the services provided through the Website, in case the user does not comply with the Terms of Use and the applicable legislation.

1.3 The Website is an online platform owned by the Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos, through which tourism and travel-related products and services are promoted and access is granted to products and services of third parties (either within the environment of the Website from information granted by third parties or in third parties’ websites, in the content of which -in both cases- the West Lesvos has no right to intervene and consequently has no liability). Specifically, through the Website, services of third parties are provided to you, the user, as well as services of promotion of third parties (hereinafter the term “Service Providers” includes third parties that provide services such as accommodation, tour guides, transportation, entertainment, restaurants, bars, cafés and any other service that may be added in the future or to whom promotional services are provided through the Website and are contractually linked with Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos). Consequently, any reference to providing services through the Website and/or West Lesvos shall mean services provided to you from Service Providers, given that West Lesvos does not provide to you services, unless it is otherwise and explicitly stated per section or function on the Website. 

Therefore, through the Website, Servic

e Providers may advertise their services and products, provide their services and sell their products, while, you, the users, may discover places in Greece, organize your trip, indicatively, order/reserve/buy/pay for tickets for transport (book a flight, book a ferry, book a ticket for a railway or suburban railway) and/or entertainment (book a ticket for a museum or book a guide), and/or proceed to a hotel reservation, and in general discover any product or service provided through the Website by Service Providers (and not through the Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos, unless if it otherwise explicitly stated in the Terms of Use).

1.4 Unless otherwise and explicitly referred and indicated per service in these Terms of Use, the West Lesvos does not itself provide booking services, as stated above in term 1.3, and in general does not provide any service and does not sell any product to you. When you proceed to an order or you buy a product or service (for example, book a ticket or a room) and in general when you proceed to any transaction through the Website, you enter into an agreement directly with the Service Provider. Consequently, due to the lack of any contractual relationship between you, the user, and Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos, the charges are made by the Service Provider. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read and save/print the terms of use of the website of the Service Provider to secure your rights and interests. You are not charged with any amount for the information provided to you through the Website. Service Providers which advertise their services through the Website have contractual relationship with West Lesvos and West Lesvos receives a contribution for the promotion and advertising of their services, so as to provide to you free of charge information relating to Greece. 

1.5 All information published on the Website is provided directly by Service Providers. West Lesvos has no control of this information. Service Providers have the exclusive liability for the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the said information (indicatively: prices, charges and any other payment for the provision of their service to you, availability, cancellation policy and in general the terms and conditions under which they provide their service to you). The said information is not controlled by Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos, given that Service Providers, through extranet, publish their information on the Website themselves. West Lesvos, in any case, does not guarantee and/or does not confirm the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the said information of the Service Providers, nor is liable towards you, the user, for any reason which is associated to the contractual relationship between you and the Service Provider (indicatively: false information, non-availability, no provision of the service, cancellation of the service etc). Unless otherwise and explicitly stated, through the Website, West Lesvos does not, directly or indirectly, accept or approve or recommend or suggest to you of any of the Service Providers or their services/products. 

1.6 The Website provides access to other websites, administered, and owned by third parties. Liable for these websites and their content are the companies that own these websites (Service Providers included). West Lesvos has no right to intervene in the content of the previous mentioned websites nor assumes any liability for their content, or the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information provided through these websites. West Lesvos does not itself provide an accommodation service, transport service, tour guide service, etc, nor does it sell relevant products. The provision of the relevant products as mentioned in term 1.3 above is provided to you by the Service Provider and the relevant agreement is executed between you and the Service Provider. Given this, West Lesvos has no liability (contractual or for tort) in case of non-performance, poor performance, and in general any liability for any reason whatsoever associated with the provision of the services or the sale of products of Service Providers, given that the said services are not provided (and the products are not sold) by Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos. We advise you to be very careful when you proceed with transactions for services provided or products sold by Service Providers, because these transactions are governed by terms that might have limitation of liability or disclaimer. These terms may also demand your approval and/or your consent.  

1.7 The Terms of Use and the services West Lesvos provides through the Website may be amended from time to time and at any frequency without specific notice. Τhe amended Terms of Use and the services are applicable and in force at the time they are posted on the Website. We advise you to print or save a copy of the Terms of Use, given that the Terms of Use govern our relationship. The use by you of the Website shall be deemed as your consent to the Terms of Use, as applicable and in force from time to time.

1.8 For any queries regarding the content and services of the Website and the Terms of Use, you may send an e-mail to [email protected] and you may also contact us by letter to the following address: Kalloni, Lesvos, TK 81107, Greece or call us on this number: 22530 30002-4


2.1 You are prohibited from using the Website to harm others and their rights in any way, indicatively their intellectual and industrial property rights and personal data. You are prohibited to destroy, deactivate, overload or cause damage to the Website, to use non-authorized means for amending the content of the Website or to intervene in its operation in any way. In case you have access to other websites via the Website, it is presumed irrefutable that West Lesvos has no liability for the content and in general for anything associated with these websites.

2.2 In any case, you, the user unconditionally acknowledge and accept that you are exclusively liable for any damage or breakdown caused to the Website and to third parties, irrespective of the specific cause or its type, as a result of any breach by you, directly or indirectly, of any term of the Terms of Use. 

2.3 The use of the Website and its services requires that you, the user, are 18 years old, you have legal capacity and in case you use the Website’s services on behalf of another person, you declare and guarantee that you have their authorization and consent.


Unless stated otherwise, the content of the Website, including intellectual property rights (industrial property rights and copyright), intangible assets, non-registered, pictures, graphic designs, designs, texts, structure, «look & feel», are the Public Entity for Culture, Tourism & Sports of the Municipality of West Lesvos’s and/or third parties’ exclusive property and are protected by Greek law, EU law and international treaties and agreements. Consequently, you accept and understand that you do not have the right to use, copy, extract, re-utilize, sell, resell, distribute, download, upload and/or commercially exploit, present to the public in any way any content or parts of the content of the Website for any reason, unless you have prior written consent of West Lesvos, of the third party, of the owner or licensee.

You acknowledge and accept that you have no right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or exploit commercially in any way, in whole or in part, the content of the Website, with the explicit reservation of West Lesvos’s rights regarding the exercise of its claims and rights against the person who infringes this very term in any way.


4.1 These Terms & Conditions set out the full extent of West Lesvos’s obligations and liabilities in respect of the promotional services offered through the Website, unless as agreed otherwise in specific terms of use. The content and services of the Website are provided on an “as is” basis, without any guarantee, expressed or implied, by West Lesvos by any means. 

4.2 With the explicit reservation of its rights, West Lesvos does not guarantee, assumes no liability (civil or penal) and/or obligation, unless if otherwise stated in the Terms of Use, for any damage that might occur to the user caused by the use of the Website and/or the provision of the services by Service Providers (indicatively in case of non-appropriateness, non-availability, non-adequacy, non-safety of the products/services of Service Providers). 

West Lesvos, to the maximum extent provided by law, assumes no liability under all circumstances and in any case (negligence included) for any damage that may occur to the user or any third party (both material and non-material, direct or indirect or of any other type and for any cause): 

(a)    due to the use of the services and content of the Website (e.g. in the event that the reservation can’t be completed for reasons non-attributable to West Lesvos’s sphere of influence, for comments and for content posted on the Website by third parties, from inaccurate information provided by Service Providers), given that the user uses the Website οn their own initiative and has full understanding of the Terms of Use and/or;

(b)    due to acts of any user of the Website due to violation of the Terms of Use, of any other terms of use specifically agreed between West Lesvos and the user and the current legislation;

(c)    due to force majeure and events which are not under the direct control of West Lesvos, such as: non-availability or errors of the Website and the services provided by the Website (indicatively and not exclusively: non-availability of the internet, electricity blackout, hardware failure, telecommunications failure) or for other technical reasons οr for reasons regarding the technical maintenance of the Website;

(d)     due to acts, omissions and errors of third party providers and third parties including Service Providers (indicatively and non-exclusively lack of license or any governmental authorization, lack of safety/non-compliance with, bugs, software viruses, corruption, the manipulation or amendments of West Lesvos’s consent);

(e)    due to information and material available on the Website, which is provided and/or licensed by third parties or has been collected by third party sources (including Service Providers), which are not controlled by West Lesvos;

(f)    due to comments and/or content published on the Website by the user or any user; 

The users are exclusively and solely liable for all the transactions made through or as a consequence of the use of the Website, as well as for the specific terms and conditions of the said transactions.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, West Lesvos’s liability towards the user or any third party for compensation for any claim (tort included) is excluded.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold West Lesvos harmless from any liability, loss, damages, claim and expense related to your violation of these Terms of Use and in case which causes West Lesvos the abovementioned.    

4.3 You explicitly agree and accept that the Service Provider assumes the exclusive liability towards you regarding the provision by the Service Provider to you of services through the Website, given that West Lesvos is not a seller or a reseller of any Service Provider’s service or product. For any complaint or claim you might have against the Service Provider, you shall address directly the Service Provider, with whom you have a contractual relationship. 


5.1 The Website has hyperlinks or banners to websites owned and administered by Service Providers. West Lesvos has no control over the availability, the content, the privacy and cookie policy, the quality and completeness of their services.  West Lesvos assumes no liability in any case whatsoever for the availability, the content, the privacy and cookie policy, and the quality or the correctness of the webpages and functions of third party’s websites, which are available to the user through hyperlinks, links or banners. Therefore, in case any problem occurs during the visit or use of such pages/functions, the user shall immediately communicate with the said websites. 

5.2 It cannot be assumed in any case that West Lesvos adopts, accepts or approves the content and functions of the websites associated with the Website in any way. 

5.3 The user explicitly and undeniably accepts that West Lesvos has no liability (irrespective of the specific cause or its type) for any loss or damage they might have suffered as a result of non-availability of the aforementioned websites or sources, or as a result of any confidence shown by the user to the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertisement of any product marketed through the aforementioned websites.

5.4 We strongly recommend that you carefully read the terms of use and privacy and cookie policy of the aforementioned websites and keep a copy of them.


6.1 The content of any comments published by you on the Website must be true, accurate and lawful and compliant with all applicable laws and must not infringe any right of West Lesvos or of any third party

6.2 West Lesvos assumes no liability for any content posted by any user and reserves the right to remove comments violating the applicable laws.


7.1 The Terms of Use, any amendment of the Terms of Use as well as all issues associated with the Website and the services provided by West Lesvos (also through the Website) are subject to Greek law. 

7.2 Any dispute arising from these Terms of Use and the Website will be submitted to the Courts of the City of Mytilene, which have exclusive competency over any other venue. The exclusive jurisdiction of Mytilene Courts includes interim measures, temporary restraint orders and disputes arising from tort.

7.3 If any of these provisions cannot be applied for whatever reason or is against the law, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Τerms of Use.

7.4 Τhe Terms of Use are provided in Greek and English. In case of discrepancies, the Greek version shall prevail.

7.5   West Lesvos’s delay to enforce any of its rights or to exercise any right, shall not be considered as a right waiver in any case. 

Thank you for visiting the Website. 

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